KPGC is known for it's demanding start. The first four holes are tough, none more so than the Par 3 1st hole over the Paduff burn. The tee is elevated above the burn as is the green on the other side. The green is small and protected by quirky hillocks which will ensure any pitch shot required after a stray tee shot is very demanding. Left of the green is safe, right of the green is in the water and not easy to recover from. It's almost all carry from tee to green over the Paduff burn which runs through the first and second holes and onto the 18th where it is known as Jock's Burn. Top Tip : Err left of centre off the tee don't stray right!.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   White   3 17 137
   Yellow   3 17 132
   Red   3 13 126

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